It’s not what you think it’s about

Alllllllllllllright my minions, I won t be spewing about clowns today.

Instead, you get this.


Why? Because I said so. That’s why. You take it, and you like it.



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6 thoughts on “It’s not what you think it’s about

  1. Snail Saturday? Or is that a slug? Either way, it’s almost 1pm here and I’m still in my sarong sitting at the computer reading other folks’ blogs. S-L-L-O-O-W-W is my word of the day so thanx for the illustration!

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    If it’s Slug and Sarong Saturday, where is the sarong picture?

    • You will have to talk to Ethel about that (and possible Everett? I’m not sure – he wasn’t exactly thrilled about my penis socks – so I’m not sure how he will get down with the Sarong idea). HAHHAHAHAH

  3. +1 to Phil(thy) Taylor’s comment.

    My wife is terrified of these damn things. Which makes it all the more fun to watch the Slugs horror movie (which is as awful as you think it is). But not so much when they find a way into the apartment through a nice big hole in the foundation the management company refuses to so anything about…

    • WAIT. HOLD ON. There is a Slugs horror movie?! Where in the blue bloody hell have I been that I was not told about this?!

      AND ON MY STARS IN YOUR APARTMENT. Whoa. Gack. Get some sillypuddy for something for that hole. lol

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