I’m batshit crazy and I’m totally ok with it. I have a kid that is out of this world with awesome and a better half that rocks my socks. We have two cats that we take orders from, and a dog that loves everyone not riding a lawn mower, or operating a weedwacker. We aren’t normal, and that is normal. Oh, and I shit rainbows and glitter. Also, I love Penis Socks.

OH, and I really, REALLY want an STD, Bad.

All work (writing & images) at CatrionaIsCrazy.Wordpress.com is copyrighted by, and property of me. Written permission must be obtained from me to reuse or repost anything from my site. Layman’s Terms: Just friggen’ ask me, I don’t bite that hard, ok?

Stalk me, hard. Facebook& Twitter.


Sexy Rabid Cupcake drawn by @Justteejay (I command you to go look at her stuff!! You wont be sorry.)

129 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Catriona, just to let you know I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.. Have a good week..

  2. Kavita Joshi says:

    Hey Catriona..thanks for visiting my blog dear…lovely to visit here and lovely to read the posts here…nice blog you have got here…

  3. I love the fact that you can shit rainbows and glitter!!! You can’t polish a turd, but you CAN roll it in glitter 😀 Great blog.

  4. elephantthrown says:

    Hey – just messaging to make you aware of my competition, I really value everyone who decided to follow my blog (there may be one or two I fear who just spilt coffee on themselves and accidentally clicked the button.. but I’m still taking it as a win). I need help deciding which poems to perform in the next month or two and I’d really value your opinion.

    Stay Well – Mart


  6. Garfield Hug says:

    Thanks for making me laugh! Great site and thanks for stopping by 😀

  7. Loving your work Ms Iscrazy

  8. jaypochapin says:

    Hey, Cat!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my most recent post; I certainly appreciate it!

    All best wishes to you,

    Jay Pochapin

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