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Imagine for one minute that Google wasn’t an automated search program. Imagine that your requests were sent directly to some dude behind a computer, whos job it was to research and respond to your every whim. You will never meet this guy, you’ll never talk to him. He is just there every day anonymously giving you the answer to “Why does my junk itch?” and all of your other personal inquiries. Would you still have the balls to ask “what do hemorrhoids look like?” Would you still look up that pesky “medical” issue? Would you still stalk the shit out of that



There was a pant load more of this rant. There were photos, too. .. and a whole CRAP LOAD of swearing.

Apparently the title has dissipated as well. So FUCK IT. I’m leaving it this way.

Move along, nothing to  see here.

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Kiss my teapot

I got me a new teapot, yo. Why do you care? CUZZ YOU SHOULD. That is all.

Don’t have much here, people. I know, I know. I’m boring these days. I can’t help it. I’m getting old. hahah.

OH. There is something I was wanting to share with all of you:


size does matter

Google. What a funny thing.

I’m not even sure what I was researching…….It was a while ago….hmmmm what was it?! I can’t think of it right now. But I can tell you that it wasn’t one of  THOSE. I love that it tries to predict what you want – using the most frequent requests it receives. “I don’t know what size condom to buy” is one of the most often “I don’t know what,” requests?!!!?!! REALLY? hahahahahha!! That’s hysterical.

Gosh, I guess that’s all I got.

Oh, I have some photos to dump on you even tho it’s not Dump Sunday.

Here you go. Hang on to your panties!








And my personal favorite:


Alright, Catriona out.

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