Let me read you this book…

Of course my kid would choose and get accepted to a private college, out of state.

Offfffff course it would cost 40k a year. Of course. Even with the college fund and my savings – it’s a four year program. sigh (that’s after the massive scholarship).

Maybe I should learn to make penis socks.

Stand on the corner maybe? I think I’m too old to get on the pole.

I never asked my kid’s bio father for child support. Man am I kicking myself now. Kidding. Fucking that.

Even if I kick the bucket right now, my life insurance would only cover two years of school. LOL

What if I start an OnlyFans of me sitting in the backyard reading aloud nineteenth-century literature? Because really I feel like that’s all I am capable of.

To the back yard I go!



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3 thoughts on “Let me read you this book…

  1. justteejay says:

    Want to be supportive in some way. Can’t figure out a way that is useful. Wonders to self what one does with a penis sock.

    • Best comment evvvvverrr. You make my living and working space much brighter, that’s all the support I need. So you nailed it! 💚I mean who can’t figure their shit out in the presence of a spider-pumpkin!?!
      Little known fact: I have owned a small company for longer than my kid has been alive. After my partner died and I lost my mind, I shut it down for fear of ruining it and running it into the ground (smartest decision ever, you remember how messed up I was, ugh, anyway). I have done pop ups and random stuff, special requests, but never really “reopened”. I am working on a new business model. Annnnnd if that doesn’t work out I just bought a Cricut Maker. I will make obscene stickers as a side hustle till I get this kid through the Master’s program. 🤣🤣🤣. (I mean, once I figure out what the hellllllll I’m doing. Hahahaha.)

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