Potty Mouth

I have received some, um. Interesting responses to my blog in the last 10 years. But, I have never been told to watch my mouth when it came to writing in my own blogs/websites/media. lol. With that being said when I respond or interact with people on their media I don’t generally swear. You know, respect of their space and all that.

I have a close friend that reads my stuff here and there. He came across a short conversation that happened in my comments and just now it came up that he left I was too “rough” with my response. I can take constructive criticism so I asked him why. He explained that maybe this person was an “Old Timer trying to make you better and you bit his head off”…. Now, while I value this person’s opinion – you know what? Let us do this – what do YOU think?

So, let me have it. I can take it. Was my response too harsh? Was he “trying to make me better” and I responded too harshly?

Was I a dick for asking him if he likes penis socks?

Tell me all the things.



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9 thoughts on “Potty Mouth

  1. To be honest I think your response was rather tame. He was wrong to try to get you to conform, it’s your blog, your space and what you write and how you choose to express yourself is your decision. He is the one who is in the wrong here, calling you unintelligent just because you choose to express yourself and use colourful language. You just keep being you xox

  2. 3615 Jack says:

    Awesome title. And, yeah, FTA (Fuck Them All—trademarked hahaha)

  3. Jeff says:

    Using swears isn’t necessarily “unintelligent.” I know some pretty smart people who swear. And some pretty dumb people, too. Context is everything. I think your reply is somewhat humorous. Especially the bit about the CCP virus. And I confess . . . I laughed out loud at “penis socks.”

    • I agree with all of this.
      I will admit the reply I gave was true to my nature in real life and I would probably have said everything I wrote.. This is why people either really enjoy my company or have a real distaste for it. Lol.

  4. Maryanne says:

    Just be yourself. Swearing is fun and can add some punch to a story. I like it 🙂

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