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Dumping Wednesday 

Ever feel like your phone is too HEAVY? Like you just need to flip it over and see what dumps out onto the floor? Yeah. Me too. 

Let’s see what would fall out of my phone if that was possible:

Oh! I just made this for dinner. This is a crunchy wrap. Filled with Avocado, rice, tomatoes, spinach, salsa, cheese, sautéed peppers and onions and whatever other leftovers I could find. So good. 

Ooooo! This one is a cute little Mom and Pop shop I found the other day. I love those! 

This is what it looked like yesterday when we went for a walk. Doooom! 

I’m “Medieval as fuck”, FYI. 

Yeah, I have a prescription… 

Ooo found this at the store the other day!! 


My app is mean to me:

LOL. I have some ridiculous stuff in my phone. It’s a good thing when I drop it, it isn’t actually capable of allowing all my weirdness fall out! 


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2pm madness

I’m watching Farscape  (if you don’t know what that is,  we can’t be friends any more), I can’t sleep (surprise!).

Thought I wouldn’t….. Damn,  I just lost track of my frame of thought. 

Oh! I remember now,  I thought I would stop and say hello.

Maybe take a dump. The photo kind.  Let’s see what weird stuff I have going on in my phone,  shall we?




Took this last week.


Did you know?


Annnnd this







Hahaha! OK. I’m done.. And tired.


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I’m just gonna leave this here. .

and then maybe explain later. Maybe.









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Butt – Gloss

Yeah, I get my gloss from the butt of a blue owl. Don’t judge me.

IMAG5122 (1)

The first time I ever saw one of these was in a Pier 1. I remember being shocked; “Is the gloss in his BUTT?” I asked the cashier. She very quickly gave me a judgmental look and explained in a condescending tone that “she didn’t think so.”

Bitch lied.

My sister gave me one. If you want lip gloss – be prepared to be digging in his butt for it.



That’s all I got, Butt-Gloss.


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Big ol’ pink cup of tea

I have a habit of shoving things into my purse that don’t belong there.

hmmm. That sounds like I’m some sort of super klepto. Uh, let’s try that again.

When I find things around the house that I just don’t know what to do with.. or that I need to keep track of – I chuck them in my purse. My purse is the one thing, besides my child, that I always know the precise location of. Therefore I never misplace little things. You know what I mean – you find some little object THAT YOU NEED – but not right now – and then you stick it in that safe place so you wont lose it …annnd you never see it again. That doesn’t happen to me. What does happen to me – a purse full of weird, weird crap. Furby found his way in there once. Though I do suspect that was the doing of a devious small child. My purse in a scary place. You never know what you will be getting yourself into, goin’ in there.

Anyway. A while ago my son brought me two objects, at two different times, telling me that they needed to go into the bin of toys that we were selling. I couldn’t find the bin at the time. So into the purse they went. Until I reached in there yesterday to find my chapstick and pulled them out by mistake:


Captain Hook apparently loves a big pink cup of tea, now and then.

I have a purse pirate. Thought I’d share.

I’m still working on the accepting Awards, fyi. The issue is – every time I accept one and pass it on.. I get another. lol. I have like 4 or 5 still I have to acknowledge. That takes time, yo.

That’s all I got.


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