OK, but now in French

Has anyone ever tried to read a physical book using a “Scan and Translate” App? No? Well, fuck. Guess we are going to find out how annoying *that* is. Hahaha.

A dear friend of mine wrote a book of her life and it happens to be in French. I’d been holding off on buying it. I have been trying to figure out how to get it in English as I am, sadly, only fluent in one language (two if you count sarcasm). She and I suck at communicating through E-mail, hahhahah (You get my E-mails yet? I have sent you all means of contact, lol). Anywayyyyy now I have a French book headed to my non-French home. BAHAHA. We are going to see how much gets lost in translation, hahaha.

I mean really this is my fault. I keep meaning to learn, and become fluent in, another language . BUT I CANNOT MAKE UP MY MIND WHICH ONE! It’s an important decision. I mean, I don’t want to waste what few brain cells I have left on the wrong one! lol. French is very high on the list. It’s in the top 3. I mean, also, I don’t even have time to brush my hair so learning a new language seems impossible.

In a surprising turn of evens my phone has told me to kick rocks and refuses to download google translate. BAHAHA. Stayed tuned for how much French kicks my ass. LOL.

I just keep thinking I need to figure out which country I want to be in once my kid graduates, because really that will dictate which language I stress my brain out with, cuzz you know, I’m getting old.

OK! I am off to day drink (keep your pants on, it’s regular drinking for me cuzz I work the night shift) and eat snacks.



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4 thoughts on “OK, but now in French

  1. 3615 Jack says:

    No I don’t get your emails and that’s crazy! Last one I wrote was Thursday 1 from the email starting by “sir” and to your catriona one. Maybe in your spam?

    Thank you so much for buying my book!!!
    But fear not for the translations, I have written it in English first on my blog so I’ve just sent you the link via email (of Part I).
    In English descriptions of places are missing, I might have added some blurb sometimes and I improved the vocabulary, lacking in English, and the last chapters, but until those it’s pretty much the same.

    I’ll write another email to you soon.

  2. 3615 Jack says:


  3. French is hard. I took it in high school. I took German and Chinese in college, and both were easier! French is pretty, though, isn’t it?! Good luck reading your friend’s book!

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