Tell me about your Country

I’m in the US and I’m fearful.

We have uteruses.

We are gay.

My child will be directly effected if the US decides to “revisit” gay & trans laws.

I am absolutely at a loss. Next month we were to take a family road trip through several states to see which state we liked the best that is not the one we are currently in, look at colleges, and avoids US boarders. But, now what do I do? Do I instead nix that idea and save my money to find another country? If it were just me I would literally pack a bag, leave and figure it out when I got there. But I have a family, an elderly dog.

So tell me about your Country. Tell me about the laws you know of. Tell me how beautiful it is. Or, warn me about your Country and tell me why.

I’m currently doing research, but I need your input. AND GO!



(C. Where you at?)

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6 thoughts on “Tell me about your Country

  1. 3615 Jack says:

    Incredibly (for me), I am now in Quebec! Not sure for how long. I’m going to tell you all about it in an email right now…
    BTW… I can’t believe we live in a world that regresses instead of moving forward. People are shit. LOL.

  2. UK. I don‘t think we have any restrictive laws we‘re pretty easy going us Brits although our politicians are having a melt down at the moment. Fuel is too expensive so your road trip would be costly, £1.95 per litre. Beautiful countryside, great things to see and do in the Cities. Weather can be completely unpredictable even on the same time, rain – then hot sunshine, then a storm lol.

  3. We have been eyeing the UK for a while now, so thank you for this! I was reading something about your politicians wanting to rework laws around Rights? Is that something you’ve heard of? Gas is ridiculous here as well. The only reason the road trip is doable is because I own a Prius, and it amazing on gas. 😂

    You guys are def on my list. 💚

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