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You guys are WEIRD. (Warning: content was made in a facility that uses clowns)

You all will like a post about me molesting a (plastic) owl’s butt for the pleasure of my lips (gloss), but if I even mention CLOWNS –  only a few of you like it. Hahahhaha I know you guys saw it. I’m a stalker like that. HAHHAHHAHAHA. No seriously. But, it’s OK. I understand. lmao.

If you have used your eye holes, you will see I’ve attached a warning to my title. This is not only because it amuses me – but because a follower of mine expressed a true phobia of clowns. I ❤ my followers. (You may also want to stay away from my twitter for a few more days if you don’t do clowns well…..)

The Northampton clown has promised something big for the end of the week people! I can’t wait!

Ok Ok oOOOooooooK..so enough about clowns.

Oh damn, I hear work calling my name. . . .






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I heart me some clowns. HARD.

Don’t judge me. Jerks.

I’ve always loved clowns. And masks for that matter; but that’s a whole separate subject (obsession?). When I was a child my room was filled with clowns of all types. From creepy to adorable, I had a room full of terror for those with a phobia – which I never understood (tho I really don’t understand phobias like should anyway, I suspect. I have none and don’t get it). I remember some of my friends screamed and ran from my room upon first visit. So worth it. hah. Ahhhhhhh Childhood.

Annnny way, if you follow my twitter of facebook you’d know I’m so completely enthralled by the UK clown. The Northampton clown has so many people’s nickers in a bunch that I almost can’t take it. Flippin’ hilarious. Oh and NOW there’s a “Clown catcher” dressed as a super hero. He goes out at night in hopes of catching the clown. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! Some times the universe comes thru for me entertainment wise; I could just hug it for this tremendous gift. ahahahahaha.

Twitter is blowing up with reactions – both good and bad. I’ve been so busy watching the action I haven’t done a damn thing that could be considered productive. Look it up on twitter, I dare you: #Northhamptonclown. You will be amused. Or scared to death. One of those.

Sorry for the poorly written post -I’ve gotta get back to the clown watch. stat.


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Coffee & Penis Socks?!

My office is a very odd room. I suspect it was a porch at one point remodeled to be part of the main structure. I’m not even sure what it is now, a mud room maybe? It’s a very narrow room with three very different doors on three different walls, complimented by very oddly shaped windows. I have beautiful  french doors on the far end, and a very heavy, old, wooden backdoor-ish looking door across from a “french door wannabe.” The two are lined up sorta  in the middle of the room. The only door that leads to the outside of the house is the “wannabe.”  Essentially what this means is; Setting up furniture in this room was a bitch AND when I get really frazzled, I can just run through a bunch of doors in a fairly small circle, without ever leaving the house. Something I’m sure I’ll admit to having done at least a few times in a later entry.

Doors, ah, that leads me to the topic at hand. I was sitting at my desk drinking my coffee, enjoying my morning, when the french doors caught my eye. I instantly remembered I had forgotten to look for, and buy a frog. Why did they remind me of frogs? Fuck if I know. Not a real one mind you. Just a frog to send to my sister as I do when Holidays or special events come around. She has a rather unhealthy obsession with frogs, and possibly apples. I’m an enabler.

So off to the internet I went. I came across a website I’ve never visited before: SunTeckStore.com. So me and my coffee searched for “frogs” in the site search bar, and got nothing. Hmmmmmm pretty sure I just saw one on the front page… So I simplified it: “Frog.”  Whoo hoo! Frogs were to be had after all! So I was perusing what a weird ass word all the frogage when all of a sudden I scrolled down to find THIS amongst all the frogs:

WHAT IN THE BLUE BLOODY HELL IS THAT?! Is that a penis sock?! Closer investigation reveals that YES it IS a penis sock, of sorts. It’s swim wear. For those times when you feel too uncomfortable to wear a speedo. If I had a penis I would order one in every color. I would go to public pools and test all those pesky socially excepted standards I keep hearing about. The real question here is: what does this have to do with a Frog and do I REALLY want to know the answer to that question? HELL YEAH I DO.

So after being far too amused by a penis sock I don’t get out much apparently, I decided to look around. You know,  because when you find a penis sock in the frog section – you know you are in for a fierce game of “what the hell tops that.” So off to clothing and accessories I went looking for scarves, btw – only to be slapped in the face with THIS:

 By this point, I was getting pissed. I happen to own a vagina, SO HOW DID I MISS THE MEMO ON THIS. What the hell is a C-String?! This thing looks like a DIY project gone wrong. Look what you can do with grandma’s old shoe horn! Besides the fact that I’m horrified by this concept where exactly does that “tail” go?!  –  I want to know exactly what geographic region this product sells the best in. I just have to know.  I’m pretty sure I could accomplish the same effect with an old eye patch and I assure you, I’ll be trying that one out later.

So now I feel like I need to go brush up on my Kink. Cuzz, you know, when a penis sock and a shoe horn sneak up on you like that, you know you are behind in your game.

All because of the fucking french doors.

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