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There is a bad taste in there.

Yeah, in my mouth.

Bad, bad taste.

Apple Cider.

It’s my favorite, FAVORITE beverage of Autumn. If, IF it doesn’t taste like it was poured into your glass via someone’s unhealthy rectum.

(I keep hearing “Rectum? Damn near killed em!” playing in my head over and over, just fyi.)

This right here, this was terrible. I don’t even know how to explain just how awful this was.


You know you like my glasses, BTW. I adore these, they’re my favorite.

I wish I lived in a state that I could get fresh, nonrectum tasting Apple cider. Sigh. Is that too much to ask?






Today hasn’t been too eventful.

It’s nice and cool here, I was able to open the windows. My cats are over the moon.

Camera Effects


Annnnnd say hello to Pie. Pie will be in the oven tomorrow, to make, well you know, pie.





That’s all I got people. I’m irritated and tired and all sorts of under caffeinated. I need to……….hold on my son is making a suggestion…………………Hahhah He says you should all see my necklace…..



He gave it to me several years ago for Mother’s day. It’s a locket. It says “I love you mom” inside. 🙂

He’s so funny. Anyway, there you go. Bad apple cider, cats, and a child with good taste in jewelry.


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