Just a reminder

Do you know who @justteejay is? You should. Go. Go Now. Go now and look. I COMMAND IT.

She is the beautiful human that drew my Rabid Cupcake. LOOK!

Click HERE.




Doooooooo it! You will not be sorry. I don’t know how I convinced such a lovely human to be my friend, but thank the stars I did. I remember the first interaction and I remmeber thinking “Yup, that human. I don’t like humans, but I am keeping this one.”

Her artwork is life changing.

I swear to the stars, YOU BETTER GO LOOK! <—– Click there. This is one of the originals I am lucky enough to have in my possession. It’s even more beautiful in person.



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2 thoughts on “Just a reminder

  1. justteejay says:

    💜💜💜 I’m going to steal your line “Oh my Stars!!” You are so incredible. Thank you!! Going to go slink off into a corner and feel unworthy (but appreciative).
    Not sure how to thank you for this but I will work on it. 💜💜💜

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