I. Um. Well.

That moment you go read the blog of someone who liked your post, only to find that they, um. They must not be familiar with your blog. Like, this person must have just been randomly clicking to drum up their views because I can assure you from their page…..uh, they um. Would not like me. LMAO.

I clicked on their page and immediately was like “OOOOhhhhh I have taken a wrong turn. WRONG TURN!” lololol and then I thought “What the hell are YOU doing on my page?” Hahahah.

But, for the record all are safe here.

Well. I mean. If you are a pedo or a racist you aren’t, but everyone else for the most part. LOLOL.

So just as a reminder: #BLM #LoveIsLove #DontBeAnAssHole



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2 thoughts on “WRONG TURN!

  1. Phil Taylor says:

    Well said. Hi Catriona! It’s nice to see you back here. Yes, I definitely have had that same experience. Usually it’s a blogs that’s aren’t in English.

    • ohhhhhhh this was in English. I unfortunately could read it clearly annnnnnd see the photos clearly. yikes. #NoThankYou

      Thank you! it’s nice to be back. I have missed it here. I am trying to make myself do things that I enjoy. hahah. I have been full throttle for over two years, I need to slow down and make some changes. 🙂

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