Accidental Art installation By Gram

Today Sucked.

However when I came home from picking up my child I opened the door to the smell of burning plastic.

Which, really, can only mean two things: 1. Grams gotten into the Crack again, or 2. Gram forgot about the bread in the oven and turned it on, again.


To my surprise is wasn’t Crack (OK, kidding. My Gram wouldn’t even know what that was).

Fresh Baked Bread, anyone?





Goodnight friends



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4 thoughts on “Accidental Art installation By Gram

  1. Cheney says:

    I LOLed at this because my mom and grandma do the same thing. Bread, bags of chips, boxes of donuts, basically any kind of bakery / bread / chip item.

    The day after I brought my daughter home from the hospital to where I lived with my parents my mom set a bag of Tostitos on fire in the oven, while trying to preheat it for a big lasagna dinner. I had a newborn. We had company over. It was December. We had to evacuate.

  2. LOL this is something I might do 🙂

  3. fallcorn1936 says:

    Fresh Baked Bread,mmmm. Thaanks for sharing

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