I’m just gonna leave this here. .

and then maybe explain later. Maybe.









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8 thoughts on “I’m just gonna leave this here. .

  1. ytaba36 says:

    What a tease!

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Maybe explain later? Or do you mean come up with an explanation later? You should ask readers to come up with their own explanation and put it in the comments. For instance, had you asked for our ideas I might have suggested that is an inflatable sex doll for chickens, or rather roosters.

  3. This looks like one of my dogs early chew toys. Does this mean you have a new puppy ?!


      It’s my dog’s “Sex chicken”, as our house called it. She loved it! Like REALLY LOVED IT. Whined and got depressed when I hid it. It was crazy to witness!

      (She then got pissed at me about a year later, and ripped it to pieces.)

  4. Morguie says:

    WTF is that!? Oh my…girllllllllllllll!!! 😛

  5. It’s my Sex Chicken! Don’t judge me!

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