Kiss me WHERE?!

Well hello, peoples!  How are you? How have you been? Good? Bad? Join any cults while I was gone? (No, I’m not down to join. Just, No.) Anything exciting happen while I’ve been away?! Do tell!

What have I been doing, you ask? Nothing really. Just painting my nails. What? I could be a compulsive nail painter, you don’t know. Or, I could be that chick who drinks nail polish (seriously, have you seen that? WHOA). Hahha! Maybe that’s how I’ll call out of work tomorrow; “Sorry, I drank a bad bottle of nail polish, I’m not feeling very well….” I mean, I do call out “Dead” sometimes, soooo….Hmmm.

Have you ever actually read the names of your favorite nail polishes? Seriously, you should. Go do it right now. I just went and found mine a second ago as I was giving you all a hard time about judging me for being a compulsive nail painter, annnnnnnnd it’s hilarious. Wait till you see the names and colors:



This is “Kiss me here”…

Kiss me here 2


Now, wait a min, kiss me WHERE? WHAT!? That there is GREY. Where, WHERE are you going to kiss me that is gonna be GREY?!  WTF? Hahahahaha! Unless, of course I’m deceased, or diseased. In that case YOU have some serious flippin’ issues for wanting to kiss me ANYWHERE. SICKO! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!? UGH. Some people.

This is “Spit Fire”.

Spit fire 2

Makes much more sense than that first one. I have nothing witty to say. Sorry.


That’s what my nail polish says about me: Kiss me here, Spit Fire.


Kiss me hereSpit fire




What’s yours say? Hahhaahah Seriously, I wanna know.




* I would like you all to know that when I typed in “Grey” into the Tags box, “Teal and grey Molesters” populated automatically…um…hmmm… While I am sure this means something to someone…..It’s still a very creepy mental image to have without warning. .

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6 thoughts on “Kiss me WHERE?!

  1. I don’t even have one bottle of nail polish. This is how bad living on the road has become. Sigh.

  2. ytaba36 says:

    Well, mine says “Nearly Nude”. I rather think I like that! But not in this cool (Venetian) weather.

  3. Haji says:

    The one I like to use for pedis (a baby pink) is called “Shall we dance?” And I sure, it’s a cute name and I paid a dollar for it on clearance. What’s awesome about the name is that it’s a formal question, using proper grammar. (Oh yeah, nail polish! You certainly know how to speak to a lady over 30!) But mostly, I like to imagine myself going off the deep end where dancing slowly to November Rain with a bottle of pink nail polish seems like a great way to spend 11 minutes of my life.

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