Beeping Beeper

Son “Mom, mom. There’s beeping in my room.”

Coffee Fiend“What?”

Son “Beeping. THERE’S BEEPING.”

Coffee Fiend“Beeping?”

Son “BEEPING. I. can’t. sleep. with. the. annoying. BEEPING.”

Coffee Fiend “Ok, ok. Let’s go.”


Coffee Fiend “Yes, yes lets go find it.”

Son“Kill it.”

Coffee Fiend“Not a problem dear. I generally kill things that wake me at 4:30am, anyway.”


So, I stumbled out of bed and out of my room to find the beeping. It was my office. My friggen office was beeping at 4:30am. My battery backup was having a friggen seizure. Sigh.

I killed the beeper, my child cheered, and I stumbled back to my room…only to come horrifyingly close to stepping in the largest pile of dog puke I’ve ever seen.  (You know you wanted to know that last part.)

Beeping and dog puke. That’s all I got people.

Oh. OH, OH. No, No no no! I have something else. Something exciting:

I have COLORED googly eyes!!   oooooooooooyea





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10 thoughts on “Beeping Beeper

  1. Von Simeon says:

    You know you’re a seasoned dog owner when, even with bleary eyes, you avoid stepping in dog effluence. Well done.

  2. OMG! Were you in my house last night? I swear that could have been my story!

  3. Thank you for sharing! Reminded me of the night my husband got up at 3am to answer a call of nature and stepped in what he though was a hairball hacked up by the cat. But turning on the lights to clean it up revealed it to be a thoughtfully laid out gift of dead field rat!

  4. CJ says:

    Damn! I was kinda hoping you found my tentacles…you know, the green and purple ones..I lost ’em again…shit…googly eyes? And you got all over my case for leaving my appendages?! Who the hell left the googly eyes? I think I deserve to know…

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