I like it. But I may not actually LIKE it.

I donno if you guys noticed but I get around. Like big time. OH MY STARS get your head out of the gutter!

I meant on the internet. Crap. That doesn’t sound much better does it? Sighhh.

I “Like” alot of blog posts. I do. I spend some (a lot?) of my spare time reading blogs. I like to see what oozes out of people’s brains. However, When I “like” something it doesn’t necessarily mean I like the content on the page. It’s more of a “I was here, yo” not a “OMG I SO AGREE WITH ALL THE IGNORANT STUFF YOU JUST POSTED.” I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this buuuutttt I got some pretty FUCKIN’ crazy E-mails last week. I love crazy E-mails, hate mail especially….but some of the E-mails I have been getting in regards to my liking blog posts were a little whacked out.

Just because I liked your post about joining a cult doesn’t mean I want to (or that I want to get matching T-shirts for the occasion, for that matter), ok? It just means I read your blog and support your right to be completely outa your flippin’ mind.

So, yeah. Settle down my weirdos. It’s all going to be ok.

I’m going to go get drunk on Oreos and Oj now.


Oh, and for the question about how to pronounce my name: Cat-tree-own-uh.

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14 thoughts on “I like it. But I may not actually LIKE it.

  1. CJ says:

    I DISTINCTLY tasted some damned CLOWN in THAT one, CatREE_OWN_uhhhhhhhhhhhh..cough, cough, thwack, pffttt, phhhffft cough….
    I love ya anyway, cuz YOU SO CRAZY!

  2. Nicholiovich says:

    And there I thought you loved my work. Boo.

  3. amediablogger says:

    Hilarious as usual 🙂

  4. Phil Taylor says:

    You’re so shallow. I read every word of every blog post that I “like”. Especially yours. I’m hurt that you don’t savor every word I type as if they are precious pearls of wisdom from the Gods.

    • Oh hold the phone – I never said I didn’t read every word of every post I like. I said I may not AGREE with every word. lol. Besides, you don’t know what I savor or what I do not. I happen to be stalking you (and Nicholivich). Right.at.this.very.moment.

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